Call Blockers FAQ

    Do I have to pay for a call blocker?

    No, the call blockers are loaned out free of charge by Staffordshire County Council Trading Standards team. We also fit and test the devices without charge. 

    Who can apply for a free call blocker?

    We don’t have enough call blockers for everyone but we do want to reach those most vulnerable to scams. If you have been a victim of a scam or are receiving large numbers of unwanted calls, please do feel free to apply.

    Can my relative or friend apply on my behalf?

    Of course, we are happy to receive applications from a friend or relative on your behalf.

    Can I only use a call blocker on a home phone?

    Yes, our call blockers are only available to residents receiving nuisance and unwanted calls on their home phone. Presently, our call blockers do not work on a mobile phone.

    Can I have someone with me when you visit to fit the call blocker?

    Of course, if you have a carer, relative or friend that you would like to be present when we fit the call blocker, just let us know and we’ll be happy to make suitable arrangements.

    Will a call blocker stop all unwanted calls?

    A call blocker stops up to 95% of unwanted and nuisance calls so it should certainly dramatically reduce unwanted calls.  It does not, however, stop all unwanted calls so you will still need to be on your guard.